Normal registration
04 Apr - 19 Jun
Late registration
20 Jun - 04 Jul


Second Event in the JJIF Beach Ju-Jitsu Series to qualify for the World Beach Games #RoadtoSanDiego

JJIF and event Responsibilities

Ju-Jitsu Association Thailand

Mobile: +66 217 09542


Joe THUMFART, JJIF Sports Director

Mobile: +971 50 4842790 THA: +66 936813543


Organizing Federation:

Responsibility for the event goes to

Ju-Jitsu Association of Thailand

Venue: Pattaya, Thailand

Jomtien Beach

How to reach the location

Nearest Airport : International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Please see offer from Ju-Jitsu Thailand Association to organize transport and hotel


Please check the insecurity of Visa application for your nation:

For Visa request support please contact :

(please copy to )

Hotel and Transport offer

Dvaree Jomtien Beach Pattaya

The OC will arrange transport from International Airport to the official hotel, for all participants who are placed in the official hotel, and also from hotels to the sports hall and, finally back to the airport.

Please, provide the organizers exact information about your arrival and departure

(means of transport, time and date of arrival, flight number etc.), so they can organize everything on time.

Registration forms send to: Ju-Jitsu Association Thailand

Mobile: +66 217 09542


Right to participate and categories

Athletes must be presented and registered by their National Federation;

All competitors must have a legal passport of the nation they represent in the championship and sports passport of their respective nation!

The championship is open to all JJIF members!

Senior competition for Competitors 18 years and older!

participating athletes must be born in 1999 or earlier

There is a total limit of 250 competitors the deadline of competition will be executed strictly! No changes after deadline!

Categories of JJIF Ne Waza - NoGi

Women: -49kg; -55kg; - 62kg; - 70kg; -90kg

Men: -56kg; -62kg; -69kg; -77kg; -85kg; -94kg; -120kg

Categories of Duo-Show-System: Man / Woman / Mixed

Ne-Waza NoGi Relay team:

One Team of:

• Men: -69kg, -77kg, -94kg,

• Women: -55kg, -62kg, -70kg

Registration Online:

Registration to the event until 19th June 2017

in writing, to: (copy to


The athletes’ official weigh-in will always be scheduled the day before the competition.

Athletes competing in more than one discipline (Ne-Waza) must weigh in for each competition separately without any tolerance in weight.

Relay Team competition

• Athletes having fought at the individual championships will not be weighted–in again!

• Athletes participating only at the team championship must pass the weigh-in control the day before the competition.

Financial conditions

All fees must be paid according to the registration there will be no reimbursement for cancellations:

General Registration fee for everybody (competitors, coaches, medics) $ 10,-

Participation fee competitors (for each discipline).

$ 40,- per participant, Duo Couple, Relay team


JJIF/JJAU will invite qualified referee.

Ju-Jitsu gi and protectors

All competitors must have and use Ju-Jitsu gi patches and stitching according with the JJIF rules for official competitions. Please observe the regulations of the JJIF as far as advertising on the Ju-Jitsu gi is concerned.


Shorts or pants made of elastic fabric (should hug the body). Shorts should contain no pockets (or have them completely sewn shut), no buttons, no snaps nor any plastic or metal piece that presents risk of injury to the opponent. The length should be longer than mid-thigh but no lower than the ankle.

Shirts must be elastic (should hug the body) and long enough to cover the waistline of the shorts.

Specific Rules: Mat 10x10 m

Ne-Waza only NoGi. 4 min competition time

Serious foul (Penalty): For Ju-Jitsu No-Gi, when an athlete grabs hold of his/her uniform or that of his/her opponent in any way.

Categories will be merged to guarantee proper brackets if not enough player’s register.

Duo: one category for Men, Women and Mixed only three judges

Relay Ne-Waza teams: points count continuously for the three fights Submission counts 30 points

Rules and draw

- JJIF Competition Rules, JJIF Competition Organization and Planning. We make an appeal to all participants to respect fair-play and JJIF Book of Ethics!

(actual competition rules are provided also on the official web site of JJIF;

- Computer program, approved by JJIF;

- Draw will be made by the JJIF Sports Director and responsible officials from the National Federation together with the IT specialist – the approved program will be used for the draw;

- If a competitor will not have the correct weight at weigh-in or if the birth dates are not correct, he/she will stay in a pool/table but will automatically loose the matches.

Anti-doping Control

All members should make their competitors aware that there could be a doping control for several athletes.

If you have entered in the Championship and are taking any medication or plan to take any medication, please check with your doctor whether your medication contains any substances on WADA's 2015 Prohibited List (

You will need a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), if it does. JJIF automatically recognizes all TUEs issued by National Anti-Doping Agency (NADAs), so please contact your NADA if you need a TUE and do not already have one.

If you have any difficulty in applying for a TUE through your NADA or there is no NADO in your country, please contact the JJIF TUE Committee Director,


Neither the organizers of the event, nor the National Federation (or any of its officials or members) will be liable or responsible for any personal injury nor for any loss or damage to any property arising out of participations and travelling in connection with this championship.

Coaches and team leaders are responsible to make sure that all participants are physically fit, prepared and capable to cope with the championship.


  • Men Ne-Waza 50 USD
  • Female Ne-Waza 50 USD
  • Duo 50 USD
  • Relay Team 50 USD